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Schedule the workshops at Casa Yoga Minca 2023


November 2, Thursday - Reconnect with your Family Mandala (Casa Yoga Minca)
November 4-5, (Saturday and Sunday) - Weave your Family Placenta (Casa Yoga Minca)
November 6, (Monday) - Holotropic Breathwork (Casa Yoga Minca)
November 10-13, (Friday -Monday, holiday) - The Power of Breathing (Casa Yoga Minca)


December 12, Tuesday - Celebration of the New Moon: Ritual of the Maze (Casa Yoga Minca)
December 14, Thursday - Authentic Movement (Casa Yoga Minca)
December 16, Saturday- Reconnect with your Family Mandala (Casa Yoga Minca)
December 15-19 - Yoga and meditation course “Secrets of Yoga” (in English)
December 21 - solstice celebration
December 24 - Holotropic Breathwork.
December 26 - Celebration of the Full Moon: Mandala Dance.